Jobe Lunar Towable 3P

This 3 person Airstream towable has two tow points for endless fun, no matter which way you use it. Easily connect with the 'quick connector' to its two tow points and switch from sitting back to its comfy inflatable back support to a sporty kneeling positions. This family-fun tube is equipped with two neoprene handles and a one way valve which is covered in 840 denier strong nylon around a 28 gauge PVC bladder, and comes with 8 (detachable) handles to hold on to. The material consists of double stitched nylon for extra strength.

•840 denier nylon cover
•28 gauge PVC
•Max 3 persons towable
•One way Boston valve
•Quick rope connector
•10 Handles with neoprene knuckle guards
•2 neoprene handles
•Multi-position towable
•2 way towable
•Neoprene seat pads
•Double-stitched nylon
•Deflated size : 100' x 78', 254 x 198CM
•3 year warranty after registration

€ 459,99